Camping at Battle Run Find the perfect site

When camping at Battle Run campground finding the right camp site is not always an easy decision. As you enter the campground, on the left the first loop.These are camp sites 105 thru 95. This should be a last resort.It’s to close to the main road.It has a lot of traffic and road noise.Pass on […]

Why You Should Plan Your Camping Vacation

Are you interested in going on a camping vacation with with your family and  your friends. If you are, have you already started planning your camping trip? In case you have still to start planning your camping vacation, you may want to think about following these soon. Although it is good to be aware of […]

Overnight Camping at Summersville Dam

There is another camping area at Summersville Lake.If you like roughing it or primitive camping you have an alternative to Battle Run or if you are possibly waiting for a site to open up. You can go to The spill way at the damn. There are a few sites at the base of Summersville Damn […]

Summersville Lake, Summersville Dam

Summersville Dam was built in 1965 United States Army Corps of Engineers. It is 803 square-miles in length . Which backs up the gauley river to form Summersville lake.In 1966 Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson dedicated to Damn. The small town of Gad, West Virginia was the closest town for the damn to be named after. […]