When camping at Battle Run campground finding the right camp site is not always an easy decision. As you enter the campground, on the left the first loop.These are camp sites 105 thru 95. This should be a last resort.It’s to close to the main road.It has a lot of traffic and road noise.Pass on these.On the right are sites 1 to 7 .Same goes here to close to the road. The  second left, camp sites 74 to 94.These are all great site. I have always enjoyed staying on this loop.I would have to say  sites 78 to 80 would be my favorite.If they are available jump on one of these.Across intersection on the right are sites 8 to 21. Not the best view in the park, but they do offer a lot of shade. read more

Are you interested in going on a camping vacation with with your family and  your friends. If you are, have you already started planning your camping trip? In case you have still to start planning your camping vacation, you may want to think about following these soon. Although it is good to be aware of that you should think of planning your camping vacation in advance, you may be wondering exactly why you should do so. In all seriousness, you will see how there are a few different reasons as to why you should start planning the next camping vacation in advance, as well as a number of advantages to doing so. Just some of those many reasons and benefits are outlined for everyone below.
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There is another camping area at Summersville Lake.If you like roughing it or primitive camping you have an alternative to Battle Run or if you are possibly waiting for a site to open up. You can go to The spill way at the damn. There are a few sites at the base of Summersville Damn on the Gauley River. There are restrooms and a fire pit. There are only 10 or so sites with no electric hookups and water is available if you want a real camping experience. Visitors who are just passing through and have not made reservations ahead could stay here to wait on a site to open at Battle Run. read more

Summersville Dam was built in 1965 United States Army Corps of Engineers. It is 803 square-miles in length . Which backs up the gauley river to form Summersville lake.In 1966 Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson dedicated to Damn. The small town of Gad, West Virginia was the closest town for the damn to be named after. But officials reconsidered after thinking the name Gad damn would not be appropriate.  The damn itself measures in length 2280 feet and has a high of 390 feet at the base off the spill way. read more

Camping at Battle Run


For those of you who have never been or are planning your summer vacation at Summersville Lake’s Battle Run campground or just going out to visit friends or relatives staying there. You may be wondering what to except when you …


Summersville Lake WV Fishing


You would think with over 28,000 acres of water Summersville Lake would be full of fish.This maybe true,but due to the heavy boat traffic I have never had much luck during the day. I mainly like to fish at the …


Summersville lake picnic shelters


If you were planning just to spend the day with someone or in the mood to have a picnic. Just across the damn there is a facility with shelters and picnic tables with small grills for a cookout. There is …


Summersville Lake Marina


The Marina at Summersville lake is located just off rt 19 one mile from Summersville city limits. To get to the marina just take Airport road. It is the second right after leaving Summersville heading south. After turning onto Airport …


Summersville Lake Camping


Of all of the campgrounds in West Virginia Summersville Lake camping is the number one destination by far. Each year thousands converge to this crystal clear water impoundment to enjoy a summer of fun.Camping on the lake is but one …


Summersville Lake Attractions


While you’re staying in Summersville Lake in Battle Run campground there are more things to do other than the typical summertime activities. While you’re at the lake camping if you would like to go out exploring the nearby communities there …