Camping at Battle Run Finding the perfect site

 summersville lake camping

When camping at Battle Run campground finding the right camp site is not always an easy decision. As you enter the campground, on the left the first loop.

The camp sites 105 thru 95. This should be a last resort.It’s to close to the main road.It has a lot of traffic and road noise.Pass on these.On the right are sites 1 to 7 .

Same goes here to close to the road. The  second left, camp sites 74 to 94.These are all great site. Camping on this loop.Some of the best sites are  78 to 80. If they are available jump on one of these.

Across intersection on the right are sites 8 to 21. Not the best view in the park, but they do offer a lot of shade.

summersville lake camping

summersville lake camping

The rest 42 to 51 are in a turn a round with good shade and privacy.

This area is elevated and water front is down a steep incline.But you can have a ball just feeding the squirrels. It’s not always easy to get a good site at Battle Run.

If you call and make your reservation’s a least two weeks in advance. You should not have any problems. If you know what time you are going.

camping summersville lake

Making Reservations

It is  recommend calling them as soon as possible. Some book there sites for the next year as they leave the park.

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