Camping at Battle Run

Camping at Battle Run

For those of you who have never been or are planning your summer vacation at Summersville Lake’s Battle Run campground or just going out to visit friends or relatives staying there.

You may be wondering what to except when you you get there. If you are going to be camping you should read the finding the perfect campsite article first. This will help you narrow down where you may want to camp at.

As  mentioned before you will need to to make reservations . As the summer heats up finding a good site is harder to do. In the months of June and July weekend sites are not available unless you have called ahead.You may get a site from Monday to Thursday,but it is really hard for the weekends..

Even the less desirable sites go fast. As most campers try to get in and hope to move to a better spot later.

I can say the chances of getting a water front site isn’t going to happen. As they have been booked way in advance. If you do manage to camp this year and you want to go back next year.

Make your reservation’s as you leave or the first of spring(no later). This will insure you get a great spot.With that being said the picture below is my favorite camping spot in the campground.Well the three favorite sites.

battle run summer camping

This is the second lower loop. There are three sites on the end of this point surrounded by water. They have plenty of shade and easy access to the water and docking your boat is a breeze. They are site numbers 79 to 81.

Even 82, 83, 85, 87 are good sites. Anywhere on this loop you wont go wrong.These sites also have a view of the beach area across the lake and the small island with a picnic table on it.

Which as you can see they also keep as clean as the rest of the campground.

camping at the lake

The Island across from the campground.

beach view from battle run

Summersville Lake Beach view from the campground

battle run playground

Playground for the kids

Battle Run Is your best option for camping at the lake

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