Summersville Lake Near By Attractions

Summersville Lake Attractions

While you’re staying in Summersville Lake in Battle Run campground there are more things to do other than the typical summertime activities. While you’re at the lake camping if you would like to go out exploring the nearby communities there are several places you may want to stop and check out.

Carnifex Ferry battlefield

Summersville Lake Attractions

The first and closest to Battle run campground is the Carnifex Ferry battlefield.

 When leaving the Park in returning to the main road make a right. It’s just down the road a bit around 3 to 4 miles. You’ll come to a sharp right hand turn the exit is on your left.

It has a civil war museum, artifacts that have been found on the properties . A picnic area and hiking trails which lead down to the Gauley river.

Summersville Lake Attractions

Hawks Nest State Park

The second attraction is Hawks Nest State Park. This trip will take you about 30 to 40 minutes. Located south on route 19.

Take the Anstead exit to Route 60. Stay on route 60 through the small town of Anstead. Just on the other side is where you’ll find Hawks Nest State Park.

They have a tramway that takes you down to the bottom of the banks of the new river. This is where you can also take jet boat rides. They have excellent dining facilities, scenic overlooks and playgrounds for the kids.

The Mystery Hole

mystery hole near summersville lake

While you’re this far down route 60. A couple more miles. It’s an odd little establishment. It’s called The Mystery hole.

It’s a strange and unusual place. That be just got to go check it out. Here’s the link to their page if you want to get more details.

babcock state park

Babcock State Park

This is only about 15 minutes from US Route 19 and 1/2 hour from Hawks nest State Park . They also have dinning facilities restroom and authentic log cabins that you can rent alongside the stream.

There is an old grist mill that was in operation. This is one of the most photographed mills on the Internet.

If you seen a picture of an mill with the waterwheel next to a stream, chances are this is the same one. I like to go in the fall when the leaves are changing to take photographs.

 There is also a lake that sits atop the mountain and scenic overlooks on rocky bluffs. In my opinion it’s well worth the trip.

Babcock Park

new river gorge

New River Gorge Bridge

f you continue south on US Route 19 to the small town of Fayetteville West Virginia. You’ll new River Gorge Bridge. At one time it was the world’s largest single’s band bridge. But now I believe it’s ranked three or four.

There’s a scenic overlook just before you get to the bridge. There is a visit except visitors center explaining all about the construction of the bridge details and the history of the new river gorge itself.

From the right of the parking lot there’s a walkway that you can go to a large deck that overlooks the bridge. If you’re feeling a little bit more venturous as you leave the parking lot take a right stay on this at each intersection you come to take a right.

 Each time you make you want to be heading downhill. After no more than a mile. There’s a small parking area that that you can see the under side of the bridge and just see how huge it really is.

 It’s doesn’t seem possible that this structure can withstand the pressures of being so wide and high. From there you can continue downward and just follow the road all the way to the bottom. You’ll end up in Fayette station. 

Another bridge unoriginal bridge steel bridge. That from their looking up and out towards the new river Gorge Bridge.

 This bridge spans the new river. And while you were there you may see some rafters taking on the white water. What water rafting on the new river attracts thousands of visitors to the state every year. Once you’ve reached the bottom there is one thing I should mention.

bridge under new river gorge

 This is a one-way road you have to go back up the other side you cannot go back up to what you can’t. Don’t worry it’s not that far and you come by on the other side of the new River Gorge Bridge. If you were to drive straight through the entire trip.

 From the visitor center back up to route 19 wouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes tops. From there you can go back to your campsite about run camping area.

 Or you can continue down to the small town of Fayetteville West Virginia which has several antique shops lots of local arts and craft

Near by Summersville 

You can also go to the town of Summersville West Virginia. If you take a left from the first light you came to after leaving Battle Run campground. About a short 10 minute drive will bring you to Summersville.

 It is the biggest small town that I know of. Being located on US Route 19 has thousands of visitors passing through this area every day.

 Anything and everything that you would want or need can be purchased along the plazas and storefronts located on route 19.

 With every fast food chain you could think of several small stores and even Wally world are readily available for your convenience.

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