Summersville lake picnic shelters

If you were planning just to spend the day with someone or in the mood to have a picnic. Just across the damn there is a facility with shelters and picnic tables with small grills for a cookout. There is a total of four shelters that are available at any given time . Also in the park area there are restrooms, drinking water, additional picnic tables and the playground for the kids. If you are just planning a small picnic for you and your family and would like one of the shelter I would advise that you get there early.

You can go swimming from the park although it is a bit of a hike. If you go to the rear parking and drop down off the side,eventually come lake.

summersville lake picnic sheltersFor Reservations can also be made with the office. For family reunions or large gathering.
address Summersville lake shelters,2981,Summersville Lake Rd.
Summersville, WV 26651
Phone number is area code 304-872-3412
Reservation should be made at least two weeks in advance.

Directly across from the park at Summersville lake, if you take a left you will enter the Gauley river national Park area. Travel down this road a little more than a mile you will have access to the base of Summersville Damn and spillway. This is where the Gauley river is released in the fall to start the white water rafting season.summersville damn

If you would like to visit the beach or Battle Run Campground at Summersville lake is only a five minute drive from the park. When leaving the park make a right andĀ  stay on the road for 2 miles you’ll see the sign on your right.From there you will seeĀ  Battle Run main gate. Continue passed over a small hill and your there.


The Shelters are a great way to enjoy a sunny afternoon at Summersville Lake.

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