Summersville Lake, Summersville Dam

Summersville Dam was built in 1965 United States Army Corps of Engineers. It is 803 square-miles in length . Which backs up the Gauley river to form Summersville lake.In 1966 Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson dedicated to Damn. The small town of Gad, West Virginia was the closest town for the damn to be named after. But officials reconsidered after thinking the name Gad damn would not be appropriate.  The damn itself measures in length 2280 feet and has a high of 390 feet at the base off the spill way.
The lake itself covers 28,000 acres. With 60 miles of shoreline and numerous sandstone cliffs it is a popular summer destination for many outdoor Activities. From boating, swimming, fishing and even scuba diving thousands of people flock to the lake each year. The lake even includes rock climbing which can be viewed from the lake by boat beside Hughes Bridge.
Summersville lake flood 2016_0015During the fall the Army Corps of Engineers released water from the spillway. This is the beginning of Gauley River white water season. Where thousands of people from all over the world converge for a once in a lifetime ride . In return for the use of the Gauley river and rafting season. The rafting company’s stock trout by helicopter in the river for trout¬† local sportsmen.

Summersville lake flood 2016_0033


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