Summersville Lake WV Fishing

Summersville Lake fishing

You would think with over 28,000 acres of water Summersville Lake would be full of fish.This maybe true,but due to the heavy boat traffic I have never had much luck during the day.

It is best to fish at the lake during the night and early morning hours. The fish seem to be more active just before day break.I have had the best luck from 4:00 in the morning till 8:00 am. After that you might as well go home.

 That amount of boat traffic makes fishing practically impossible. The Lake offers up  large mouth and small mouth bass, walleye, brim,crappie, and catfish.I have also seen Northern Pike patrolling the banks,but have never caught one.

There are fish habitats built by the Army Corps of Engineers  in several locations thought out the lake.(see Summersville maps maps article).It’s at the bottom of the page.They mostly only serve up pan fish.

Small mouth can be found at the tail waters of the Gauley River and Hominy Creek. These area are also good for large mouth in the deeper water.

 Crank baits and Carolina rigs  are your best bet. Live bait is good for your little ones .Also any drop offs and rocky points are good. A depth finder is a good investment.

fishing in Summersville lake

Types of fish that can be caught

Walleyes usually taken near the base of the damn in deeper water during the cooler months.This is something I have never done. 

fishing for walleyes

For Brim and crappie. Anywhere you want to go.This is good for kids fishing from the bank.Just pick a spot and get a line wet.

crappie fishing

Catfish-The most popular catfish area has to be near the water treatment plant located at the intersection of 19 and 39. If you are fishing from the bank.

The boat launch at salmon run would be the closest by boat.With you are traveling from Battle Run it is a pretty good clip.

fishing tail waters

Fishing at the spill way on the other side of the damn is good for Trout fishing in the fall. Trout are stocked on a bi-weekly schedule.

Good Luck

If you have any stories or photos of your catch feel free to contact me if you want to have them listed here.

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