Summersville Lake is West Virginia’s Best Camping

Summersville Lake

The most popular camping destination in West Virginia is no doubt Summersville Lake. This popular campers destination sees a multitude of people flock here; especially in summer.

From the alluring crystal waters to the pristine natural ambiance, this is a piece of haven that never disappoints. There are so many camping amenities available; making the whole stay conducive and comfortable.

There is also a host of activities to undertake for the whole family. While camping, guests can enjoy boating, swimming, having picnics and even exploring the varied offerings at this location.

Camping at Summersville Lake

First and foremost, booking in advance is critical if you want to get a slot at the camping sites. Summer months are usually fully booked and the most active days are weekends.

 You must make prior bookings to avoid problems. 

You can book for a weekend or even a week as you wish. Near the shore, there are two camping sites available for you. There are other options that are a bit far from the shore as well. 

Mountain Lake campground

mountain lake campground and cabins summersville, wv

This camping ground has four main areas that contain 250 campsites. Note that these are both tents and camper. Here, you will be happy to access a host of amenities that include fire pits and picnic tables. 

This way, you can use the fire rings to make meals that you can enjoy with family; against a backdrop of inspiring West Virginia nature.

This camping ground also provides firewood and ice. This way, you can keep your drinks cool during the day. The wood will create a campfire where your family and friends can hang out.

 If you value modern conveniences like having fresh clean clothes, the site has a laundry room full of washing machines and closets.

If you are a camper who regularly visits the location, Mountain Lake camping ground at Summersville Lake will provide free storage for your boat and camping gear.

 Also, there are towing services available at the site at a small fee. If you want to spice up your camping meals, you will be happy to know that there is a pizza shop.

 Other great facilities include free Wi-Fi, boat mooring, pet friendly services, bathhouses, BBQ, tank services and after hours security.

 As you can see, this camping experience is full of modern conveniences and you will definitely enjoy camping in West Virginia.

 In addition to camping, the site allows you to enjoy an outdoor theater, playground and even hiking. If you love mini golf, you are also catered to. Therefore, there is something for everyone at Summersville Lake.

battle run campground

Battle Run campground

For camper and RV's there are 107 camp sites at Battle Run with electric hookups. In total, there are 114 camp sites.

 You can look forward to great amenities that include bathrooms, hot water, picnic tables and fire pits for each site, showers, washers and dryers.

 On the shore line, there is a beach area, access to boat ramps and a tent site. There are so many activities that you can undertake including biking, boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, playing at the playground; among others.

As mentioned above, making early reservations is the sure way to get a slot in the summer months.

Summersville lake retreat

Summersville Lake Retreat

Summersville Lake Retreat and campground is not on the lake but is very near. This facility offers many ways to camp and have fun at the lake. 

No matter your reason for camping, you will be catered to effectively. To this end, you can expect panoramic tent sites on the North Point to luxury sites that spot facilities like Wi-Fi.

 There are ceramic tiled shower houses that redefine your camping experience.

This camping ground is dotted with many camping sites. These sites vary in terms of scenery and offerings. For example, if you wish to stay at the East Valley, your backdrop will be beautiful acres of grassy meadows.

 You can camp under the mature shady trees available. Showers and activity areas are close by. The tent sites are wooded and if you are looking for the ultimate escape, this is a great place to camp.

 There is also a North Point site which is a favorite for many guests.

The Premium Deluxe Pull Thru sites provide you with water, electricity, sewage drops, Wi-Fi and plenty more.

There is enough space for guests here; providing the needed camping comforts. This retreat exudes excellent hospitality and in Summersville Lake, you should not get anything less than the best.

Planning A Trip to Summersville Lake

 Booking in advance cannot be overemphasized; the earlier the better. If you are planning to fish at the lake, you will need a fishing license. The good news is that you can get one easily. The local WalMart is one place to purchase.

If you are looking to launch your boat the the Summersville Lake, there are three places to do so, which are Battle Run, Salmon Run and The Marina. You can also rent boats and kayaks from The Marina. Jumping from a cliff higher than 6 feet is not allowed here.

Lake camping

Otherwise, jumps that defy the policy will attract fines. For rainy days, Summersville can still be so much fun. With up to three malls located nearby, you can explore a myriad of offerings. Also, there is a movie theater that will keep you busy when you do not wish to go outdoors.

Summer months are the peak seasons for camping at Summersville Lake. This means that guests book in advance to begin the May to October season.

 Also, the camping grounds are popular like Bridge Day Weekend . Other holidays that record high activity here are 4th of July, Labor Day and Memorial Day.

 Be sure to check out different camping sites and retreats. Choose a package that will suit your needs. If you are planning to camp with family members and friends, know the cost per head.

Different sites will have different packages not to mention amenities. All in all, you can be sure to have the best camping experience West Virginia has to offer.

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