Swimming at Summersville Lake

Swimming at Summersville Lake

If you are in the mood to take a dip or just cool off from the summer heat. You have several options if you are going to Summersville Lake.

 You can go to the man made beach located just below Battle Run campground.

Approximately 300 yards long it offers plenty of room for you and  family. Restrooms are readily available on site and are serviced and cleaned on a daily visits by the park workers.

The swimming area is roped off to keep boat traffic out. 

The bottom is also covered in sand to make it easier on your feet. It also has very little incline,to keep little ones from getting over their head in a hurry.

There are no lifeguards on duty. You swim at your own risk. It is free to swim at the beach at Summersville Lake, but you are charged to park in the lot across the road.

If jumping off rocks is your thing. Try stopping off at the picnic area next to Summersville dam.As you pull into the lot, go all the way back to the rear parking area.

 There is a path in the middle of the lot that goes off the hill to the water. Bear to right as you go down the hill. There are different rocks(not cliffs) of different heights you can plunge into for a cool refreshing dip.

While you are at the dam. On the opposite side of the picnic area at the   Scenic overlook . Park in the lot on the same side.

 While facing the tree line. 40 ft looking from left to right. Is a path that leads to a set of large flat rocks that make a great place to spend the day.

This is only used by locals.If you plan to go. Go early! and bring a pair of sneakers it is straight up and straight down.

 Next off is the boat launch at Salmon Run .As you leave Summersville going down the hill turn on to Airport road and the the first left for about 1 and a half miles.

 At the end is a boat ramp and restrooms. Beside the restrooms is a black metal gate. Just go round it.It on big deal.It is only gated off to keep traffic out.

summersville lake

 You can swim any where past the gate.just make  sure you are passed the boat ramp.

The bottom is pavement and it is easy on the feet. Just passed the main gate is a path on the left. You can follow it around for 100 yards or so.

 Several “ROCKS” not to be confused with cliffs (Cliff diving is not permitted at the lake) there you can jump off to.

Spending the day at Summersville Lake swimming,boating or camping. You just can’t go wrong.

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